Children's imaginations are beautiful.  It has no boundaries.  If you ask a child where do they want their new swing-set, without hesitation they will say, "Well, I want a blue one over here, and a red one over here, and a pink one over in that corner, and a purple one in that corner!"  Then, without missing a beat, they will continue to tell you why each one is so important. We should always encourage children to use their imaginations - to help them feel that tingling feeling we all get when we have that moment of overwhelming abundance of creativity.  So, Harry Pierre &  PeTunia's Question of the Day is, "How are you going to encourage a child to use their imagination?"

Is it helping them build confidence and self-esteem? Maybe more pretend play where they are speaking to imaginary friends and communicating more?  Is it simple exciting questions, like "I wonder how it would look if you colored that tree purple instead of brown?" or "That rug looks like the front of a ship, why don't you be the Captain and tell us where you're taking us!"

A child's imagination is beautiful, and contagious, so while you're helping your child or children use theirs, yours just may bloom as well!

Please share with us how you encourage your children to use THEIR imaginations! Image