DadsYears ago, you would pass by a park and you would see the Land of Mommies & Babies.  Rarely was there a father at the park during the day.  Now as you pass by a park there is a chance that you will see just as many fathers as mothers pushing the children in strollers and swings, sliding down the slides with them, or preparing lunches while the children play. Majority of fathers today help out.  They help with dressing, bathing, cleaning, cooking, and transporting children to school and after-school activities.  They help with homework.  They go to teacher conferences.  They help coach their children’s sports team and take them to music lessons.  They take time off from work when newborns arrive and they take time off to help take the children to the doctor.

I’m not sure if the media gives fathers the credit that they now deserve, but there is no doubt that the fathers of today are more involved in their children’s lives than ever before.  

Are there still lousy, deadbeat dads? Yes.  Are there lousy moms?  Yes.  But a father will be the first male role model in his daughter’s and/or son’s lives.  It is highly probable that his daughter will look up to him to see how a significant other should treat her for she will look for those same traits – good or bad – one day in her own partner.  His son will look up to him to copy the traits he sees in his father so he can treat his significant other the same way – good or bad – when he grows up.  That is why it is important to remember to try and respect your child’s mother or father, because children see and hear everything.  Will you probably fall off that pedestal and say something to your partner that your children will hear, and later regret? Yes, of course you will.  We’re only human and that is how we learn.  But being aware of it is the right step in the right direction in the effort to not doing it again, so pat yourself on the back for that awareness!

Jack & DaddyChildren love to be loved, and they deserve to be loved.  They did not ask to be born, so as many people that can make them feel safe when they go to bed, and love them unconditionally when they’re awake, the better off they will be.

So, three cheers for the good fathers that want to be active in their child’s life, three cheers for the good mothers, and three cheers for anyone that will take the time to love and protect a child.

--Debbie Caldwell