TOP 40 FAMILY-TIME-TIPS Family Ideas for a Lazy Afternoon

Have you ever had an afternoon where you feel the need for a few more "What can we do as a family?" ideas? Family-fun ideas? Crafts' fun? Indoor - outdoor fun? Harry Pierre & PeTunia Puddlesworth have some great ideas for you - 40 of them!  

A few examples:

9)  HIGH SCHOOL DAYS – Play your favorite high-school-days-songs and dance with your children.  Be sure to share stories of what you were like and how fun it was when that song was popular.

11) INDOOR ICE-SKATING – Tape two long strips of waxed paper to the floor, put on socks and go family ice-skating!

38) FAMILY VISION BOARD – You will need one poster board, or tape several pieces of paper together to make the size of a poster board.  Set a shared goal for your family – maybe a much needed vacation, a favorite vacation spot, or a beautiful garden.  Collect all your old magazines, pictures of such goal, and glue them all together.  Let the children add color with markets and even display some child-friendly quotes.

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It's always fun to encourage the power of the imagination, and spectacular when it turns into a "Family Fun Time!".