Vision Quote CF Link
Vision Quote CF Link

Harry Pierre & PeTunia Puddlesworth were created to help children in any way the creators could imagine.  Help them to believe in the power of the imagination.   Help them to appreciate love, respect, and kindness.  Encourage confidence and self-esteem.  Build friendships.  Encourage art enrichment and education.

The creators produced Harry Pierre & PeTunia's first 30-minute Live Action DVD "THE BEGINNING" that does the above, and deals with the emotions that PeTunia had to experience when she was no longer the "Little Princess" and had to share the family with the newly found kitten, Harry Pierre.

The creators are ready to do it again, but are asking for you TO GRAB THE CHANCE AND JOIN THE JOURNEY!  To continue with the next DVD and book, with extra being put toward other educational products, they have kicked-off a Crowdfunding Campaign at, and are asking you to join their journey, and share their page,

Harry Pierre & PeTunia thank you, the creators thank you, and from the reaction of children that see Harry Pierre & PeTunia live, the children thank you!

...enriching children's lives, one story at a time...