Life is busy.  After school is busy.  Keeping up with activities after school is busy.  Coming home after work is busy.  Having a routine after school can help ease the day, and stay organize. When my children started Preschool, I had a colorful note on the front of the refrigerator that read:

  • A Mommy hug and kiss
  • Wash hands
  • Snack time (I loved snack time! It was a great way to talk and cuddle)
  • Empty backpack
  • Give Mommy all important papers
  • Lunchbox (place it beside the sink)
  • Homework
  • Place backpack by the backdoor
  • Let’s go play!

It stayed for Preschool and Kindergarten, and the beginning of the year in First Grade.  Everyone’s schedule is different, so you would have to write your list to suit your lifestyle, but helping them establish a routine early in the game – especially with giving you papers to sign – helps everyone.  I know that being so young they don’t usually have homework, but I thought giving a page of age appropriate work from a workbook, something to get them in the groove of doing a few minutes of “homework” a few times a week would be beneficial for them, because I knew in due time that it was coming!

Many times, my oldest daughter wasn’t keen on going outside to play after homework, but she loved cuddling and reading an after school story.  And my youngest daughter, she loved to watch a show and just relax by herself for a little while.  Then they would go outside to play!

Many people add items on their list all the way to bedtime.  Whatever brings peace, joy, and happiness to your family, that’s the list to make!

Good luck to another school year! Every year is a little stressful at the beginning, but the older they get, the faster it flies by.  Before long, they’ll be teenagers and you’ll have a Senior on your hands!

--Debbie Caldwell