Another year! What a blessing to be able to experience it.  Helping children set goals for the new year may help them stay focused, and understand that every action, good or bad, has a consequence.  Goals, regardless of our ages, are the outcome of every action that we put together.

  • Start by asking them what they want to achieve. Children will respond if it’s items they click with, like sports or music. Once you help them decide what they want to achieve, then that sets the motion of what needs to be done to attain them.  Break it up visually on a small poster board, which will make it easier for them to see, and to pat themselves on the back when they do take those steps of accomplishment.
  • Simple questions: What would you like to do this year that would make you feel really good about yourself? What would make you happy?
  • Make the list small, maybe two or three attainable goals, from making new friends to trying harder with homework, to keeping their room clean.

We have to remember that we are the guides, and they are doing the work.  As they accomplish each step, we can praise them, and if they don’t take the action-steps, we can ask appropriate questions or help them see the larger picture, but we can’t nag.  Help them see the positive in what they’ve already accomplished.

At the end of the year sit down and look at all of your achievements together, and make a special dinner or picnic just for that occasion!

Best of luck with your goals, and for a terrific year! What are some 2018 goals you would encourage for your children?

--Debbie Caldwell