Valentine’s Day is a day for love.  But when your family receives so much love every other day of the year, how do you make this day – memorable?

Start a new tradition!

Make Valentine’s Day a Red Day! Everything red, from breakfast to bedtime!

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Breakfast: Mix a few drops of red food color in the pancake batter – okay, they’ll be pink pancakes, but the children will love it. For a substitute of food color, you can boil cranberries and use that liquid; pomegranate juice; or beet juice. Pureed raspberries is another fruit you can use. You can also do this with grits.  If we can eat green grits on St. Patrick’s Day, we can eat red grits for Valentine’s Day!  Add a few red napkins, red plastic cups, and you have yourself a red breakfast!
  2. Toothpaste: There are several red-flavored toothpastes available now.  I am not a mint-flavored person, so cinnamon-flavored toothpaste has always been my favorite, and Crest Cinnamon is, I believe, one of the best. It is not as “hot” as some of the others that left my mouth feeling like I consumed a plate of red chiles.
  3. Red clothing for the day: shirts, scarves, red shoe-laces – will make your attire quite festive.
  4. Lunch: A ham sandwich, an apple, and strawberries will make a great Red Lunch!
  5. Dinner: Spaghetti, and a salad with chopped tomatoes, feta cheese, fresh basil tossed with white wine vinegar and olive oil. Red flowers on the table would be a nice touch!
  6. After Dinner Red Game: Place a deck of playing cards face down on the table in rows of twelve. Everyone chooses one card. The one with the most “red” cards wins the game!
  7. Bedtime: Choose a bedtime story with red in the illustrations!

It may call for a little imagination, but if it could be a new tradition that your children will remember, then it will be well worth it.  The children will love to participate in all the redness, and they’ll contribute ideas, as well.  Maybe they can make red placemats for the Red Dinner (two pieces of red construction paper taped together or color red two pieces of white paper), or color and cut-out red hearts to place all over the dinner table.

Just have fun and enjoy the day!

Please comment to share any Valentine’s Day traditions that you already do with your family.  Family time is the best time!

Happy Valentine’s Day from our family at CRS Ventures International to yours!

--Debbie Caldwell