If there was ever a holiday to make traditions for children it’s Christmas Eve. 

 The excitement is in the air, holiday music on the radio, spiritual festivities, and endless laughter and giggles.  It’s a beautiful time for children.  Parents on the other hand, we’re usually exhausted by that time, but it’s worth it.

 Have you ever asked your children what is their favorite thing to do on Christmas Eve? 

 I’ve asked my children over the years what was their favorite childhood memories on Christmas Eve, and now in their 20’s, they have plenty of suggestions.  And even at this age, we still continue with most of them.  

 Christmas Eve morn I would have a wooden ornament ready for them to decorate either with paint or markers.  We would bake cookies for Santa.  And right after dinner, we would go driving around looking at Christmas lights with holiday music on the radio, snuggled with blankets, and sipping hot cocoa.  Upon returning home, we would go out walking around the neighborhood admiring our neighbors’ lights, and then we would read our favorite ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas illustrated book.  The finale before leaving out cookies and milk for Santa was making Reindeer Food – glitter and oats – to throw in the front yard for those extremely tired reindeer.

Made in 1997

Made in 1997

Made in 1999

Made in 1999

 I have one friend that allowed all her children to sleep in the same bedroom together on Christmas Eve.   

 Another would save all the classic Christmas TV shows and watch them all at once, from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to Frosty the Snowman, with popcorn and pizza.

 One would make desserts for all neighbors and after dinner the children would deliver the treats and sing a Christmas carol for each home.

 A friend of a friend on Christmas Eve’s Eve would take her children to The Dollar Store and they each were given $20 to buy items to place in a basket to give to the homeless shelter.

 Whatever you choose to participate in with your children, just know they will always remember it.  They may change it to suit their own families one day, and that’s just fine, but the memories will last forever.

 From the creators of Harry Pierre & PeTunia, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

 --Debbie Caldwell