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Most families have a little chaos and a lot of love, and that’s okay because families aren’t perfect - what’s perfect is the time we spend together. 

August is National Family Fun Month! Not sure who comes up with the designated title for each month, but this one, I like. 

It is cliché, but time does flow quickly when raising children.  One day you’re walking them to their first day of Kindergarten, and the next, they’re at grade school graduation.  Before long, it’s middle school graduation.   Then high school.  Then you stop and scratch your head and ask yourself, “How did we get here so quickly?” 

If you can take this month and seriously celebrate it with your family for each day, how fabulous would that be?  You may be thinking you don’t have the time, but just think of the fun and the memories that you are making with your children.   And by the end of the month you may have just started a new tradition or two.

As a family you can make a list for one idea per day.   Use your imagination to encourage the imagination in your children.  Think of imagination as a balloon – the more you blow, the larger it gets.  If you don’t blow it up, it’s shrivels up.  That’s the imagination!   The more you encourage it, the more children will think outside the box.  Creativity for them will come faster.  Problem solving, faster.  You don’t encourage it, it can make life a little slower for them. 

Here are a few ideas for August, the Family Fun Month:

·         Family Read Night – choose four books, one for each week, on a topic that you’ve never read to them about.  Maybe the Artic snowcapped mountains, or where did peanut butter come from, or how do they grow Christmas trees.  Let your imagination run wild!   

·         Fort Night – lay blankets over the dining room chairs and make a fort.  Have story-time in your new fort. 

·         Backyard Movie Night – make dinner as a family, then take it to the backyard and watch your favorite movie on the laptop.  Or if you can move your TV outside, that’s even better.

·         Family Bike Night – one day a week for the month, go on a family bicycle ride. 

·         Roasted Marshmallow Night – after dinner roast marshmallows. 

·         Star Night – check out a planetary science book from the library and lay on blankets in the back yard, and star gaze. 

·         Charades – who doesn’t like charades?  It’s a great imagination game.

·         Paint Night – pick a theme and everyone paint the same picture.  Be sure to display them all on the front of the refrigerator.   

·         Story Night – as a family, write a story together and then take turns reading it.

·         Word Night – write out one long word and work in teams to come up with the most words.  Have a little prize at the end for the winners. 

·         Picture night – have the family go through old photo albums, especially showing their grandparents.  Tell the stories that go with the pictures. 

·         Homemade Ice Cream Night – there’s nothing better than homemade ice cream!

Have a beautiful Family Fun Month! George Bernard Shaw said, “A happy family is but an earlier Heaven.”  Time spent with family is worth every minute.   Most families have a little chaos and a lot of love, and that’s okay because families aren’t perfect - what’s perfect is the time we spend together.  Family time is happy time!

--Debbie Caldwell