Our vision is for all children to feel the joy in believing in themselves, the excitement of believing in the power of the imagination, and the wonders of feeling compassion and kindness.


Harry Pierre & PeTunia Puddlesworth love storytelling! They use their imagination to promote the understanding of responsibility, respect, actions and their consequences, encourage the imagination, intellectual stimulation, academics and art enrichment. The children of today are our future for tomorrow, and learning responsibility, social, behavioral and communication skills, kindness and compassion, are all vital and essential for children to do well in school and excel in life. Every child deserves the right to feel good about themselves, to understand the importance of loving and respecting one another, and to be kind to each other.

Every thought has an action, and every action has a consequence - good or bad - and children will benefit by learning this at an early age.


Harry Pierre & PeTunia think every child is special and unique. They encourage children Pre-K thru 2nd Grade to embrace themselves and to believe in the power of the imagination and use it as a catalyst to encourage learning the importance of responsibility and grow in a positive way.  As Harry Pierre & PeTunia say, "Like flowers, every child is special and unique, that is why gardens are beautiful every day of the week!"  


We invite parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and anyone else interested in helping children be the best they can be, to sign-up for our blog.  Parents helping parents’ makes parenting a lot easier!   Use the search our blog box below and add a word or two of your choice to search our archives (i.e., compassion, kindness, imagination, parenting, money, moving, interviews, etc.).



Children's educational entertainment DVD, download, and audio available.  Harry Pierre & PeTunia look forward to sharing their storytelling adventures with all children! Harry Pierre & PeTunia use the power of the imagination as a catalyst for learning responsibility, actions & their consequences, manners, compassion, academics, art enrichment and more!

The Beginning DVD available and download, too!

The Beginning DVD available and download, too!