Puddibee Corner 

A Puddibee is a Puddlesworth Imagination Believer! And Harry Pierre & PeTunia would love to see their Puddibees artwork!  Pick out a picture and color it.  Send it to Harry Pierre & PeTunia and maybe your picture could be right here in Puddibee Corner.  Just remember what Harry Pierre says, "Art doesn't have to be a certain way, it just has to be YOUR WAY!" 

CRS Ventures International P.O. Box 372254 Satellite Beach, FL 32937

Color Harry Pierre Puddlesworth.
Harry Pierre’s favorite color is blue. What is your favorite color?

Color PeTunia Puddlesworth.
PeTunia loves to dance. What do you love to do?

Harry Pierre loves using his imagination!
Use yours and color the gift! How many paw prints are there?

Abstract Painting

Use your imagination to color this abstract picture. The word abstract is one of Harry Pierre & PeTunia’s Paddle Words. An abstract picture means you can draw a picture anyway you wish and color it anyway you like: circles, lines, dots, splashes of color.

Remember what Harry Pierre says ...“Art doesn’t have to be a certain way, it just has to be your way!”